Dear Kery, Thank you for a great job sorting out the bracelet and ring for me and doing it so fast. I had no idea LSJ offered so many things until I had your card. I should have got you to set the diamond in that ring! Next time! Many thanks for such a great service.

Caroline Lang

Dear LSJ, This is just to say a huge thanks for the brilliant service and the work you have carried out for me. I would not have been able to repair the antiques, which would have been such a shame for the customer. Thanks to you, not only did you repair them so well, you would never have known they were broken in the first place! Keep up the good work.

Jessica Walker

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so pleased with the engagement ring you made for us. The couple in question are overjoyed! We'll be back for you to do the wedding bands next! Thank you again!

Hatton Diamonds

Dear LSJ, I never realised just how much the laser could do! You have saved me so much time (and cost!) Now I am aware you are able to attach stems to earrings without having to remove the stones, I shall be bringing in many more! It's amazing that the Platinum ring sizing you did shows no join line! I understand now it's because you don't use solder on the laser and minimal heat - how clever is that! I have a couple of rings that need retipping and have been told by you that this can be done without unsetting the stones. You truly are miracle workers and I look forward to doing future business with you.

Laura Bebe

Dear LSJ, What wonders you perform! I could'nt tell where you flooded the engraving from the back of the Omega watch. It's good to known you also repair Steel watches as I have quite a few lug and link repairs to carry out. I'm assuming as you were able to flood the engraving on the watch, you are able to do similar with rings etc. Once again, many thanks and see you soon.

Allied Watches