Services Provided by LSJ

  • Laser Jewellery

    From retipping, sizing, sizelines, reclaws, retips, cracks, dents, flooding, porosity, the laser can resolve all your needs. We can even retip on top of emeralds!

  • Stones Supplied

    We supply all stones at very competitive prices, from certified diamonds to precious and semi precious stones. Sizes and shapes can also be accommodated, from as small as 0.5mm.  We are also able to match, cut and drill, to suit your requirements.

  • Hand Made/CADCAM

    LSJ Mounters are from an extensive and experienced backgrounds, producing anything from handmade, to mass production, manufacturing and jobbing. With the innovative CADCAM, we are now able to offer you a design via email before starting a job.

  • Polishing / Plating

    With our professional Polishers, we are able to offer a top class polishing service, dedicated to the highest finish, from polishing, plating to roduim/satin finish.

  • Laser / Hand Graving

    Our engravers are able to achieve the results you require.  Our engraving service extends to other items, such as watches, clocks, trophies, to name a few. We are also able to remove any amount of unwanted engraving. We also provide a Diamond milling service for rings.

  • Setting

    Our on site Setters are second to none, producing the best quality setting from Pave, rubover, millgrain etc, taking care to give you the best results.

  • Antiques

    We have extensive knowledge and experience with intricate and delicate restorations and repairs to antiques.  Due to minimal heat and extreme magnification, the Laser is able to perform the most difficult of tasks resulting in invisible and secure repairs.

  • Watches

    We repair lugs, remove dents and marks from precious metal on watches. Provide and supply new straps. We can also supply many and varied watches on request.


  • Bespoke Designs

    Our team of experts are happy to discuss and explore your own Designs with you.  We are able to assess cost and the time it will take to make your piece.