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Q: Does the Laser involve Solder?
A: No. Solder isn't required.  This results in invisible size + join lines.

Q: How accurate is the Laser?
A: It magnifies to 40 x Loupe and can work as close as up to 0.4mm near to a stone.
Q: Can the Laser reclaw rings?
A:  Yes. It can also retip claws.

Q: Can the Laser work with any metal?
A: Most. Base metals are not guaranteed.

Q: Does the Laser only fix Jewellery?
A: No. LSJ have repaired ornaments, jugs, eye glass frames, belt buckles, Watchs etc. We will try most things so long as there’s metal to metal contact.

Q: Can the Laser engrave?
A: No. That is a Laser engraving machine. LSJ use Laser welding Technology. The Laser can however, flood out any unwanted engraving, large or small. (Even a 'dot' above the'i'!!)

Q: What is the Laser's speciality?
A:  It has many. Repairing delicate and fragile jewellery such as antiques, Sizing rings up or down (including full Eternity Rings). This is within a Fraction of the time it would take on the bench. Very fine chains and Earring stems with stone set are also a speciality. We can also laser Complex and intricate pieces of jewellery.

Q: Can the Laser remove scratches, dents and pinholes?
A: Yes, very well - another speciality of the Laser.

Q: Can the Laser repair stones?
A: No. The Laser requires metal to metal contact. These could be mixed Metal,, eg. Platinum & White Gold.

Q: Is it more expensive to repair an item using the Laser?
A: Costs are very reasonable.

Q: How long does a repair take?
A: It depends on the item. However, we endeavour to repair and return your item within a week.